Skyriders Kickstarter

Skyriders is my latest project for 5th edition, launching on Kickstarter shortly. It is a product focused on flying mounts and flight mechanics, which I always felt were lacking for D&D. You can get flying mounts a number of ways with a kind DM or certain adventures, but the primary issue in a game that has a constantly advancing level system is that a static mount will only offer a balanced resource for a short range when the mount and character are at similar level/HD. At all other levels, the mount is either too powerful or too weak. The obvious solution is leveling mounts that pace the character, but until now this hasn’t been addressed in the ruleset.

Additionally, both the mount and flight rules are – by design – simple in D&D. Without much depth, the play can focus on ease of action, but limits the scope of options for players. With Skyriders I collect the mount/flying rules as a simple, accessible ruleset, and offer a set of advanced optional rules that can be used for more player agency in their play.

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