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What Lies Beyond Reason Adventure Path

What Lies Beyond Reason is an epic, high fantasy-horror adventure that explores the themes of madness and obsession, of betrayal and consequence, and the hope of redemption.

Based around the Eternal City of Anduria, the characters must survive the incursions of otherworldly forces, and contend with the machinations of ancient spirits, infernal organisations and obsessed wizards while they seek to unravel the legacy of a Mad God.

The adventure path takes the characters from 1st level to 12th and beyond. The current material* is available in the Pathfinder and D&D 5th edition rulesets here

The series has been critically acclaimed, and the reviews can be found here

* The AP is being funded through successive Kickstarter campaigns to deliver high quality books with full colour art. The AP should be completed late 2018

Pyromaniac Encounters

The Pyromaniac Encounters series is a line of short, evocative dungeons or encounters that can be dropped into any existing campaign with ease. The encounters series is available in the Pathfinder and 5th edition rulesets here

The series is highly rated, and the reviews can be found here

D&D 5th Edition on DM’s Guild

DM’s Guild offers independant authors the ability to publish material for D&D using Wizards of the Coast properties, including the iconic settings and characters. These products are only available in the 5th edition ruleset and can be found here

The products are highly rated, with reviews found here


D&D Adventurer’s League on DMsGuild

Coming Soon – September/October 2018

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