DrivethruRPG in Timeout

Its been a while since I updated this page. In some ways it’s a good thing because I’ve been busy on projects. Unfortunately I’m forced here to offer an explanation and update I didnt want to have to do.

I’m currently re-evaluating my relationship status with DrivethruRPG due to their actions (or rather inactions) concerning an offensive product they continue to allow to be sold on the platform.

Jim Raggi of the LoTFP uploaded an adventure titled “Zak has nothing to do with this book”, a tale where an innocent character by the name of Zak is wrongfully accused of possessing a prohibited item by a cast of ill intentioned antagonists set on tarnishing his reputation to hide their own sins. It was a ‘slightly disguised’ recasting of the events surrounding Zak S, a known serial abuser of women in the RPG industry, and his public fall from grace when his activities became public. This adventure is nothing more than a mocking attack on the victims of a predator’s assaults by his once publisher J Raggi. The title, description, author’s comments and even the author and artist credits (which originally read “Not Zak”) were all changed after their blatant nature began to surface on social media, but the content remains the same. When complains were made to DrivethrouRPG the presedent responed with a weak ‘we can’t ban products that obliquely criticise us’ as if this is some badge of honor. While I in no way want to promote this product, i’ll share the link so you can make up your own mind.

I cannot in good conscience say or do nothing in the face of what I find to be a blatant attack on victims by the author, followed by a weak justification by a publisher who appears to value sales over morals. In an action that hurts me far more than them I have mde my products private while I contemplate our future. Its not much, but its all I’ve got for now.

What this doesmean is that my personal products are not available for sale right now on DrivethruRPG. I’ll be looking at alternatives in the interim, but hoping DTRPG see the harm their inaction causes, and makes the right call to ban the book.


This self-imposed sales halt affects just my personal products on DTRPG. I have not asked my partners to suspend products, nor have I suspended my DMsGuild products, which is a partnership between WoTC and OBS. This action affects just those items that are purely govened by a direct relationship between myself and DTRPG.

I’ll post more as things develop.


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