Drivethru makes the right decision

Following on from my article concerning a ‘cooling’ of my publisher relationship with DrivethruRPG over their decision to host an offensive product, it seems that eventually they have come to the ‘right’ decision and decided to cease hosting the product.

Its a good decision, but it took far too long in coming for my liking. There was also no explanation other than they were considering ‘new’ evidence, and no explanation from the CEO, just a delisting of the product and an announcement on a non-official twitter hosted by one of their staff.

For now, I have reactivated my products, but I’m left with a nagging sensation that it was an exercise in bad faith. The product in question got far too much publicity, it caused a lot of wrangling on social media, and ultimately it sold a significant numbver of copies before it was removed. I can’t help but feel in all of this the right decision was made, but for the wrong reasons and far too late.

For now I remain primarily on the DTRPG platforms, which suits me as a seek to close out a BIG project, but once complete I do need to give serious consideration to diversifying my platforms.

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